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White UPVC Architrave & Trims

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White UPVC Architrave, Trims, Angle and Bead

Door architrave is not something that we spend a lot of time on but once it becomes worn and tired looking, it might be time to consider what you do next. It might be tempting to paint it again or even replace it with wooden architraves but this will only lead to more problems in the future. The solution you need is white UPVC architrave and trims. They are smart and they deliver an excellent finish while they look crisp and clean, giving a neat look.

However, they offer an exceptional level of durability as they are hard-wearing, scratch resistance and they won’t fade either. This means that they are low maintenance and designed to last. Therefore, you won’t have to spend time sanding and painting to keep your architraves looking their best. It is up to 50% quicker to install UPVC architraves when compared to timber and this is because they require less work to install. To keep them looking their best, all they need is a quick wipe and they will look like new again. They guarantee to keep your home looking clean and modern with minimal fuss.