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UPVC Architrave & Trims

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White & Woodgrain UPVC Architrave and Trims

PVC architrave and trims are designed to deliver a clean and sleek finish around windows and doors. They are suitable for decorative purposes and to deliver a professional look for roofline and cladding. They offer quick installation and are suitable for both professionals and DIYers making them suitable for both repair and refurbishment work. 

They are designed using the latest materials which makes them highly durable and they will last as they won’t require painting or sanding. As they are moisture-resistant, they won’t suffer from damp and they will not attract mold or mildew which means that they’ll continue to look their best.

Suitable for all rooms and outbuildings and commercial properties, they are suitable for covering joins or creating a unique look. They provide a cost-effective solution and we have a complete range of solutions available to choose from including angled, flat and rounded edges, ensuring we have something to fit your needs. They also come in 5m lengths.

UPVC Product Range

We offer a range of PVC trims and Architrave including:

  • Flat Back Architrave
  • Ridge Back Architrave
  • Quadrant
  • Rectangle Bead
  • Finishing Bead
  • Rigid Angel
  • Finishing Trim
  • D Mould
  • Hollow Ridge Angle
  • Flexi Angle

When you choose our products, you will benefit from the following:

  • Resistant to Moisture
  • Retain Colour
  • Excellent Durability
  • Fire-Resistant
  • Colour Fastness
  • A Long Manufacturer's Guarantee
  • Fire Resistance to British Standards

Opting for PVC will give you a whole range of benefits such as high-performance and low-maintenance and once they are installed, you won’t have to worry about them. We also offer a range of cleaning products, that will enable you to give them a regular clean to remove dirt from the elements. 

We Take Care of Delivery

You can order all of our PVC architraves and trims online and we will take care of delivery, delivering them to any location across the UK. We make sure that we work efficiently, processing your order within 24 hours and then aiming to deliver within three working days.

We have experience in all aspects of PVC architraves and trims, which is why you can put your trust in us. We guarantee that our PVC architraves and trims are suitable for any project you are undertaking and with a range of colours available, we have something for you.

For more information, get in touch with us. We are always on hand to provide technical advice or product guidance.

White PVC Trims

Our white PVC architrave and trims are ideal for a range of finishes while delivering a smart look to any part of your property. They provide an excellent level of durability and as they are made using the latest materials, they are certain to offer a solution that you can rely on. We have a range of white PVC architraves and trims to choose from, giving you a number of options when it comes to finding what you want. Hard-wearing, fire-resistant and easy to install, they are the solution that you have been looking for.

Anthracite PVC Trims

If you are looking for the perfect look and finish then our anthracite architraves and trims are the ideal product for you. They are simple to install and are ideal for professional jobs and DIY jobs. They are made using the highest-quality materials which makes them durable and reliable. They won’t discolour and are low-maintenance too, which means they won’t need sanding or painting. They can transform the look of your property in no time at all and provide you with a simple alternative that looks great all year round.

Black Ash PVC Trims

Our Black Ash PVC trims are designed to make a statement and provide a suitable alternative to the traditional options out there. They will completely transform the look of your property, so whether you’re replacing tired or worn parts or undertaking a complete refurbishment, they’re certain to offer something unique. They’re hard-wearing, made from high-quality materials and are low-maintenance, which means they’ll always look their best. Offering easy installation, they can completely change the look of any part of your home or commercial property.

Golden Oak PVC Trims

It couldn’t be easier to find a suitable solution when it comes to replacing traditional architraves and trims. Unlike wood, our golden oak PVC trims are water-resistance, hard-wearing and simple to install. Furthermore, they are easy to install which means that they can transform a property in no time at all. They can help to create a great looking space that’s modern, smart and designed to last. Made using high-quality materials, you can put your trust in our architraves and trims, giving you confidence in our products.

Rosewood PVC Trims

For a unique look and a suitable alternative for wooden architraves and trims, our Rosewood PVS trims are certain to improve the look of your property. Fire-resistant, water-resistant and hard-wearing, you can be sure that they will last year after year. They are also low-maintenance which means no sanding or painting too. They are made using the latest materials and they’re simple to install making them suitable for professionals and DIYers. They won’t fade and they’re easy to clean which means that they will always look their best.