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Triple Wall Polycarbonate

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Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sheeting

If you’re looking for a solid and durable alternative to glass, triple wall polycarbonate sheeting is the perfect choice. Whether you’re replacing your conservatory roof, a lean to roof or you’re building a carport, triple wall polycarbonate sheeting is everything you need. The triple layer is designed to provide impressive durability. Therefore, it is possible to withstand a higher level of impact when compared with glass. 

Furthermore, it comes with exceptional insulation properties which makes it suitable for use with indoor spaces such as conservatories. This means that it will keep spaces warm during the winter and cool during the summer. They are designed to allow as much as 99% of light in, ensuring spaces remain light while the UV resistance makes sure that harmful UV rays are kept out.

It offers an exceptional level of versatility which makes it suitable for a variety of purposes, including new installations or replacing existing roofs. The clever design of three layers means that air is trapped between each layer and this makes it possible to offer enhanced insulation when compared with double glazing. 

As it is extremely lightweight, it is simple to work with and handle. It can also be cut to size and can be installed with our compatible glazing bars and accessories. This enables you to install a new roof that comes with a long-lasting manufacturer’s guarantee and a roof that will last year after year. You can also opt to choose from a range of colours and this includes clear, bronze and opal, enabling you to choose a colour that fits your specific requirements. So, for a suitable alternative to glass and for a product that will offer a cost-effective solution, our triple wall polycarbonate sheets are the perfect option.