Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions laid out here govern your use of our website. Please make sure that you read these terms in their entirety before you access the website in any way. If you don't agree to and accept the terms and conditions laid out in this document, please do not accept the use of the website. Your continued use of the site is your acceptance of the terms.

Accessing the Website 

1.1 - Registration is not necessary to access the website. However, specific parts of the website are locked off to anybody who does not register.

Website Usage

1.2 - You may access the website for private use and can only do so by the terms and conditions that are laid out on the document below. 

1.3 - You have permission to download and print materials from the website, on the provision that you do not attempt to modify or reproduce the content without written consent from us.

Uptime of Website

1.4 - We, as the providers of the website, take all reasonable precautions to ensure that the website is operational every day. Technical issues will occasionally result in downtime, and we accept no liability if the website is not available during these periods of technical failure.

1.5 - Where possible, a warning is given regarding maintenance. However, please note we are under no obligation to provide said notice in any situation. 

Materials Provided by Visitors

1.6 - material submitted to the website by a visitor is considered non-confidential and nonproprietary. 

We reserve the right to disclose, copy, distribute, or re-purpose for the use of any other material submitted to the site, except private information, as detailed in our Privacy Policy. 

1.7 - Materials cannot be posted and submitted to the website unless they meet the following criteria: 

A - You, as the visitor, have obtained all necessary consents from relevant parties to post the material.

B - The material is not discriminatory, pornographic, obscene, likely to incite racial hatred, defamatory, or breach of any confidentiality and privacy which may violate the rights of others. Content that encourages conduct that may be considered a civil liability, criminal offense, or otherwise violate any laws within the United Kingdom is also banned. 

C - Content must not contain any harmful files or links, including and without limitations of Trojan horses, corrupt data, computer viruses, or any other software that may cause distress or harm to other visitors on the site. 

1.8 - If a visitor to the site posts material in breach of paragraph 1.7, we will fully cooperate with any relevant authorities and legal bodies to provide the identity and details of the said perpetrator.

Links Concerning Other Websites

1.9 - This website may contain links to other websites. We do not endorse any of the links provided or submitted by visitors to the website. If you visit a third-party website, you do so at your discretion and accept all responsibility for any consequences stemming from this decision. 

1.10 - any individual or group visiting the website are allowed to post a third-party link under the condition that the following criteria are met and observed:

A - The link does not imply that we, as the business, endorse the products or services of any other party unless there is written consent from us to do so.

B - The link does not allow you to misrepresent your relationship with the third-party website.

C - The third-party website that you link to does not contain content that is offensive, controversial, or infringes upon the intellectual property rights of another party.

1.11 - By submitting a third-party link to the website and doing so in breach of clause 1.10, we are at this moment free of any responsibility for damage or losses incurred either by ourselves or you. You accept full responsibility for damages in this situation. 


1.12 - We, as the owners and maintainers of the site, do promise to take all reasonable precautions possible to ensure that any information on the site is as accurate as possible at all times, but we do not guarantee that all material is up-to-date at any specific point.

1.13 - Any published or contained materials on the website are provided without warranty. Any materials on the website can be used at the discretion of the site visitor.

Exclusions of liabilities 

1.14 - We, as the business, do not accept any liability for damage or losses incurred by visitors as a result of using the website.

1.15 - Nothing contained within these terms and conditions shall, at any point, exclude or limit liability for any personal injury or death caused by negligence, the likes of which cannot be excluded or under the laws of the United Kingdom. 

1.16 - Any order placed via the website by yourself as a visitor will be processed and delivered to you without delay, no later than 30 business days after the order has been placed.

1.17 - Following the successful dispatch of your order, please allow up to 7 working days for a delivery to be made. 

Refunds, Cancellations, and Returns Policy 

1.18 - Every customer has the right to cancel an order underneath the Consumer Contracts Regulations.

1.19 - As a customer, you have the right to cancel an order during the period that begins immediately after the successful confirmation of an order and ends up to 14 days after the goods are recieved by you.

1.20 - To meet the cancellation requirements, it is necessary to notify us via phone or email about canceling your order before the period has expired.

1.21 - If you are currently in possession of the goods during an attempt to return them or cancel the order, you are obliged to retain ownership of the goods and ensure reasonable care is taken of them while they are in your possession. Goods must be returned to us at our contact address, which is done at your cost.

The only exception is if the item delivered to you has been damaged or marked as defective. 

1.22 - We, as the business, reserve the right to make a charge that does not exceed the direct costs of recovering items if you do not return the goods to us.

1.23 - Once you have notified us as the business that you wish to cancel your order, any sum of money that has been debited to us will be automatically refunded to you as soon as we can. In any event, money will be returned to you within 14 days of the cancellation.

1.24 - You do not have any right to cancel any order that is for the following goods:

A - Medicinal services or products dispensed on prescription or are available for no cost under an NHS service.

B - Any contract for transportation, such as flight, rail, or bus tickets.

C - Any goods or services where pricing is dependent upon financial market fluctuations, which are beyond the control of us as the business. 

D - Personalised goods.

E - Goods liable to rapid expiration, such as fresh meat or flowers. 

F - Magazines, newspapers, and periodicals.

G - The supplying of transport, accommodation, or vehicle rental services that are locked to a specific time or date. 

1.25 - Cancellation of an order will also be refused if you have done the following things:

A - Unseal any product that would not be suitable for return if unsealed, be it for hygiene or health reasons. 

B - Unseal any audio, video, or computer software that was sealed at delivery. 

C - Combining delivered goods with other goods, so that separation of the goods is no longer possible. 

Law and Jurisdictions 

The terms and conditions contained here are bound and regulated by English Law. 

Orders delivered to locations outside the UK may be subject to taxes or import duties, which you as the buyer will be responsible for