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Square PVC Guttering

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Square Guttering - Black, White, Brown & Anthracite

When you choose our square guttering, you will benefit from a smarter-looking property and a home that is protected. They are designed using the latest PVC, which ensures they are durable and for purpose. They are perfect for channelling rainwater away from your property and will ensure your roof remains problem-free while helping to alleviate flooding.

Excess rainwater that is not taken away from your property can cause a range of problems but our square guttering will always get the job done. They can handle all weather and because they are well-designed, they deliver exceptional performance while remaining low maintenance.

Square Guttering Accessories

Square guttering and the range of fittings are designed to offer a stylish solution. They are simple to install too, which makes them ideal for professionals and homeowners alike.

We offer a range of square guttering and fittings:

  • Square Gutter
  • Downpipe
  • 90° Angle Joint
  • 92.5° Downpipe Bend
  • 112° Downpipe Offset Bend
  • 112° Branch
  • 135° Angle Joint
  • Union Joint
  • Fascia Brackets
  • Running Outlet
  • Gutter Stop End
  • Internal Stop End
  • Balloon Outlet Guard
  • Pipe Clips (Off the Wall and Flush to the Wall)
  • Pipe Shoe
  • Connectors / Universal Connector / Square to Round Connector

Product Specification

Our square guttering is designed to offer reliability and a low maintenance solution and this means that they offer:
  • UV Stability
  • Weather Resistant
  • Impact Resistant
  • Hard-Wearing and Durable
  • Low Maintenance

If you are looking to replace old or damaged guttering then our PVC square guttering and fittings provide a simple solution that is cost-effective and easy to install. They will protect your property, last many years and will ensure you can have confidence in your property.

Square Guttering Delivery

We offer a range of Square guttering and accessories and when you order online, we will process your order in 24 hours and aim to deliver in 3 days. We cover the whole of the UK which means that we can deliver anywhere, ensuring you can find the right guttering and have it delivered to your door.
If you are looking for new guttering or want to avoid the problems that water damage can cause, we are here for you. Give us a call and we can even provide expert advice or you can contact us online.