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Rosewood UPVC Architrave & Trims

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Rosewood UPVC Architrave, Trims and Bead

If you are looking to transform your home and give it a new look, our Rosewood UPVC architrave and trims are all that you need. If your existing wooden architrave requires replacing then our solution can replace them with ease. They will enable you to save time and effort as they won’t require preparation before painting. Once installed, they will give your home character and style, while creating a clean and sleek look.

Once you install our architraves, you will benefit from all that they offer as they really do make a difference. They are manufactured using high-quality materials and that gives them a whole range of useful properties. You won’t need to take care of them like timber architraves as they are scratch-resistant and UV resistant which means they won’t mark or fade. Their finish will complement the appearance of your home while installation is quick and easy as cutting and trimming is a simple process. To ensure they look their best, all you will need to do is give them a quick wipe down because you’ll never have to worry about maintaining your architraves again.