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Rosewood Shiplap Cladding

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UPVC Rosewood Exterior Shiplap Cladding

For a simple solution that enhances the look of your property, our UPVC Rosewood Exterior Shiplap Cladding has it all. You can give your property a fresh look, hide problem areas and benefit from the low-maintenance properties that they offer.

They offer stain-resistance, keeping them looking good while the UV stability prevents them from losing their colour. They offer an exceptional amount of durability because they are made with the latest materials. What’s more, they will continue to look good all year round, giving you a hassle-free solution. 

Our Shiplap Range

We offer our UPVC Rosewood shiplap cladding in a range of styles including:

  • 100mm Open V Rosewood External Cladding
  • 125mm Shiplap Rosewood External Cladding
  • 150mm Shiplap Rosewood External Cladding

Offering easy click installation with hidden nails, you can transform your property while also ensuring it benefits from better insulation and more protection from the elements.

We’ll Take Care of Delivery

We make sure that you can have our products delivered throughout the UK. We also place a focus on processing orders within 24 hours and have them delivered within three working days.

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