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Plastic Skirting Board

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Plastic Skirting

Skirting boards finish off our walls but traditional wooden skirting boards can become tired looking and full of scuffs and marks. This means that they require constant painting which can become a tiresome task. However, with our range of plastic skirting boards, you’ll be able to take advantage of an alternative that is low maintenance, hard-wearing and will stand the test of time.

They are made using durable and strong UPVC which means that they will never need painting or sanding while they will always keep your room looking fresh. They are ideal for any part of the home ranging from busy hallways to gorgeous living rooms and kitchens. They are fade-resistance, scratch-resistant and made using the latest plastic. Furthermore, it can be cut to size and slotted together before being fitted using high-grip adhesive.

Our Skirting Board Range

We offer a range of plastic skirting boards as we understand that every home differs while requirements can differ too. As a result, we offer the following:

  • 100mm Chamfered PVC Skirting Board
  • 100mm Torus PVC Skirting Board
  • 150mm Chamfered PVC Skirting Board
  • 150mm Torus PVC Skirting Board

They come in 5 metre lengths and can also be purchased in packs, helping you to save money too. 

If you are looking for a simple solution that offers excellent thermal insulation then our plastic skirting boards are the perfect pick. They look great, will last for many years and are so simple to install. 

Their durability really sets them apart and that’s because they won’t suffer from damp or stains and are suitable for any room around the home. 

We Take Care of Delivery

We make sure that we take care of delivery by delivering our plastic skirting board straight to your door. Once you place your order, we will process it in 24 hours and then aim to deliver within three working days. When you buy online, you will benefit from a speedy process and the chance to transform your home in no time at all.

If you are looking for any additional information on our plastic skirting boards or our service then get in touch. We are available over the phone or through our website, where we can provide you with all the information you need about this amazing solution.

Choosing plastic skirting board will be one of the best decisions you make. It will always look new and with simple installation, you can give your home a completely new look.