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Multi Wall Polycarbonate

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Multiwall Polycarbonate

We offer multiwall polycarbonate sheets that are perfect for replacing existing roofs or for installing in new structures such as conservatories. As an alternative to glass, multiwall polycarbonate sheeting is designed to offer better value-for-money while it also boasts a huge array of benefits.

Unlike glass, multiwall polycarbonate sheets are designed using flutes that give it an exceptional level of strength. The multilayers provide a wealth of impact resistance, which means that it won’t get damaged through impact. Durability is also enhanced which means that it can also withstand the elements which include rain, freezing temperatures and heat. Even though the sheets contain more materials, they are extremely lightweight when compared to glass and other glazing materials. This makes it easier to work with and easier to handle. 

They also provide an excellent level of UV resistance, and this makes them ideal for use in conservatories and lean-tos. Furthermore, they also let a huge amount of light through and that guarantees that interior spaces won’t suffer from a lack of light. In addition to this, they also provide exceptional optical clarity too while they offer a high level of insulation too. This ensures that they keep warmth in during the winter months and heat out during the summer months, giving you greater control over temperature. 

You will also benefit from class 1 fire-rating which makes them extremely safe and reliable. Furthermore, they come in a variety of colours too. This includes the likes of clear, bronze and opal while they also come with high performance solar reflective inserts in silver and gold. 

So, if you want an alternative to glass, then multiwall polycarbonate comes with a variety of benefits that make it a suitable choice when compared to glass. What’s more, it also comes with a long manufacturer’s guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind.