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Glazing Bars & Accessories

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Polycarbonate Glazing Bars and Associated Items

Every roofing project that involves the use of polycarbonate sheets will require polycarbonate glazing bars and accessories. We offer a huge range of solutions that are designed to fit your needs and enable you to successfully install your polycarbonate sheets safely and securely.

All of our products are designed to be affordable and cost-effective, while helping to enhance strength and security, ensuring your roof remains in place for many years. Whether you are installing a new roof on your conservatory or you are installing a new roof, our flexible solutions will enable you to have a sturdy roof that stands the test of time.

All glazing bars and accessories are designed using durable materials and that guarantees that they come with a wealth of benefits. It means that they can withstand heavy wind and all-weather types including rain, freezing temperatures and extreme heat. 

The products we stock are made by manufacturers that we trust and that guarantees that they deliver an excellent level of workmanship and quality. They are made to offer a long-lasting solution that enables you to maximise your roofing. Installation is quick and easy as our glazing bars and accessories are designed to work together as a system. This includes Aluminium F sections, snapdown glazing bars and polycarbonate PVC sheet closures and fixing buttons.

Glazing bars are an essential part of your roofing systems, regardless of how big or small your roof might be. They will give your structure the strength it requires to stand firm and they work with twin wall, triple wall and multiwall polycarbonate sheets. Designed to last, simple to install and with a long-lasting manufacturer’s guarantee, you can put your trust in our glazing bars and accessories.