Delivery & Returns


A - any day or time stated for delivery is given as an estimate only. Please do not rely upon this estimation as a guaranteed fact.

B - unless stated otherwise in writing, delivery will take place upon the occurrence of the first in the list:

I - The goods are delivered to the purchaser physically, wherever they may be situated.

II - The goods are delivered to the carrier of the purchaser to transmit them to the purchaser on a physical basis.

III - The goods will be physically delivered to the nearest road to the purchaser's place of business. The purchaser will be responsible for unloading in this situation and is also responsible for guaranteeing that adequate access is available and maintained to the premises as designated by him as the location of delivery. Goods will not be delivered if fair access is not provided.

A signature on the delivery note provided by any purchaser representative is proof of delivery.

C - in a situation where the contract includes delivery by the carrier or agent of the company:

I - Any claims made for non-delivery must be made in writing to the business within the first five days of the delivery note is received or the invoice note, depending on which is received first. 

II - Any claims that the goods have been damaged in transportation must be made within three days of delivery in writing to the company.

III - The company has the right to make deliveries in increments. Each separate delivery is a unique agreement to the provisions of the delivery policy. 

IV - In the event of a delay, the company has no liability to the purchaser.

V - If a delivery is attempted but not made, there may be a delivery charge if the company is not at fault.

Refund and Returns Policy 

Any goods supplied by the company that is either defective or not following the requested product may be refunded/replaced by the company within 30 days at no extra cost if deemed necessary. 
The company operates under a full and reasonable returns policy. Your right to return defective goods is protected per the EU Distance Selling Directive. Details of this directive can be found at:

Following the Consumer Protection Regulations 2000, any product purchased within our site is liable for a return within seven days if still in original condition and original packaging. 

Any custom-made materials are exempt from this return policy. You are responsible for organising a return through a secure channel. You take sole responsibility for returning goods in undamaged condition. 

If the goods are signed for by the purchaser or their representative in good condition and are later found damaged, we can not process refunds owing to an inability to verify damages. 

Please ensure one of the following things happens: 

1 - Refuse to accept the goods, at which point they will be returned to us. A refund or replacement will be processed following the return and inspection of the goods. 

2 - Sign the delivery note and clearly state that the goods have been received as damaged. This makes it possible for us to claim damages from the courier of the goods. 

Any damaged or defective items must be reported within three days of receiving your items. 

Upon receiving the goods back to our warehouse, we will inspect them to check for visible signs of damage that would prevent us from selling the equipment or goods as new. If the goods are in perfect condition, you will receive a full refund. If a payment has been given in advance, money will be returned without exception within 30 days of receiving damaged goods. 

If supplied goods contain faults, they are covered by the manufacturer's guarantees. If they develop a fault within the guarantee timeframe, they can be returned for an immediate refund or replacement regardless of use. 

The term “fault” is defined as a manufacturing defect and not a problem caused by incorrect usage, installation, or abuse of the equipment. These guarantees exist in conjunction with the statutory legal rights of customers. 

All cancellations must be reported through email or telephone. You need to ensure you do this at the soonest opportunity. Stock items can be cancelled with ease if not dispatched, but made-to-order items can only be cancelled if not already processed. 

For all returns, in a situation where goods are supplied in reasonable condition, are delivered as described, and there is no immediate fault on the part of the business, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure a return of the goods to the address they originated from.


There are certain situations where an agent of the business can collect the goods, but fees will apply. It will also need to be agreed upon when the goods are collected. Any charges made by the business are non-profit in nature and are actual costs incurred during the collection process.