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Composite Plastic Decking

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Composite Hollow Decking - Plastic Composite

If you are looking to transform your garden or you need to replace your existing timber decking then our composite hollow decking is going to offer you everything you are looking for.

It is suitable for a wide range of uses, so whether you want to install it in your garden, around a pool area, near your patio or outside your holiday home, you can benefit from all that it has to offer. 

Composite hollow decking is made using a recycled wood polymer and that means that it is environmentally friendly and can withstand everything that is thrown at it. It delivers a high level of durability and that means that you won’t need to worry about taking care of it in the same way that you need to care for timber decking. What this means is that it will withstand heavy items, garden furniture, paddling pools and even barbecues.

Low Maintenance Decking

Wooden decking requires a high level of maintenance which includes cleaning, scrubbing, painting or staining, all of which would need to be done every year. However, composite hollow decking requires very little maintenance which means you can spend more time enjoying it than maintaining it.

It is made using hard-wearing materials and that means that it will always look its best. It won’t fade as it is UV stable while it is impact resistant. What’s more, it won’t suffer from warping or rotting either and that means that it will outlast all types of wooden decking which means that you won’t have to keep spending money in order to keep your decking looking good.

All it will need is a light clean and a jet wash to remove dirt and debris and it is ready to use.

Easy to Install

Composite hollow decking is also easy to install because it comes with a smart installation system. Concealed fixing will ensure that it has a neat and flawless look which means no exposed screws and fittings, giving a clean appearance all year round. 

What’s more, it also comes with an impressive 20-year guarantee which means that you can have total confidence in composite hollow decking. What this means is that it will continue to perform so you can continue to enjoy it year after year. 

Our composite hollow decking has been designed to be long lasting, easy to care for and easy to install. It is the best alternative to wooden decking and you will save money through the years because you won’t need to carry out repairs, replace rotten sections and continuously paint and protect it. Once it is installed, you can simply forget about it and enjoy using it, knowing that it is always going to do its job.