Roof Sun Damage - Spot the Signs

Roof Sun Damage - Spot the Signs

Through the day and night, your roof will protect your home and it will protect it through all seasons too. This means that those who live there as well as your belongings are protected but it is important to ensure that you check your roof for sun damage to ensure that it performs as expected. Sure, the wind and rain can cause serious problems for your roof but have you ever considered sun damage?  You might not be aware but the sun can cause damage and there are only a number of signs that will tell you that your roof has been damaged by the sun. With this in mind, what should you look out for?

Discoloured Roof Tiles

Your roof is constantly exposed to the harmful rays from the sun and in the same way they do with our skin or hair, it can cause your roof tiles to change. You might notice that some of your roof tiles have changed colour or shade and this is caused by the sun. While this is not going to cause significant problems for your roof, you might decide that you want the tiles in perfect condition so they look good and are restored to their initial strength. However, this is a simple sign to look out for but it could also indicate that other types of damage have occurred.

Tiles Are Warped

Roof tiles are designed to be extremely durable and that means that they are designed to deal with all elements. Heat can cause parts of your roof to curl or expand and that can cause certain sections to become warped. All materials that form a part of your roof are installed in pristine condition so when they lose their original shape, it means that any seals will be lost and that exposes your roof to other elements such as rain. When this happens, it can then lead to further damage to your roof which can also mean increased costs and damage within your home. This could happen to a small area of your roof which would mean that a small repair would sort out the problem. However, if you leave the problem to develop, then your roof is going to become damaged further and that could mean a full roof replacement.

Decaying Roof Tiles

When your roof is exposed to intense sunlight over a long period of time, it can cause certain materials to crack and decay. This can often become a problem when the conditions change such as moving from summer to Autumn and then Winter. If you can see that you have crumbling roof tiles from the ground then this is a warning sign, so you should take action. Should you leave the problem, bad weather such as high winds, heavy rain and even ice could cause the broken tile to lift or become damaged further. This then results in a bigger leak and more damage within your home.

The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t neglect your roof. It might do an excellent job for many years but one small issue could prove to be costly. The sun and exposure to heat and UV rays can cause all kinds of problems for your roof. It might not seem right that the sun can do this which is why it can often go unnoticed until there is a serious issue. So, don’t wait around for something to happen, take action and spot the signs of damage before they cost you more money.