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Black Ash UPVC Fascia Board

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Black Ash Fascia Board

With our Black Ash Fascia Board, you can improve the appearance of your property and ensure that it benefits from all that they have to offer. Manufactured using the latest materials, they provide an exceptional level of durability while enhancing the weather-resistance of your property and insulation. Furthermore, they require very little maintenance making them a great choice when replacing wooden fascias

Water can cause problems with your property but our Black Ash Fascia Board prevents water from entering your property while they also look modern and stylish. They are UV protected which means that the sunlight won’t reduce their colour. Along with this, they also come with a manufacturer warranty, giving you confidence in everything that they have to offer.

We can provide them in a range of styles and that gives you the opportunity to improve the look of your property.

Product Specifications

  • Fire Resistant
  • UV Stable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Weather-Proof
  • uPVC
  • Meets British Standards

We can deliver our Black Ash Fascia Boards across the UK, giving you access to a solution that can transform your property in a number of ways. Whether you want to change your existing fascia to enhance the appeal of your property or your currency fascia needs changing then our product is the right fit for you.