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Black Ash UPVC Architrave & Trims

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Black Ash UPVC Architrave, Trims, Angle and Bead

You might not notice your door architraves as much as you do the rest of your home, but once they will require regular maintenance to look their best. Whether that’s painting or sanding, it all takes time but with Black Ash UPVC Architrave and Trims, you won’t need to worry about these problems because they provide a highly effective solution. They are clean and modern, helping you to achieve a neat finish while keeping your home looking smart.

Unlike traditional wooden architraves, our products are designed to last. They are scratch resistant while they can be wiped clean, keeping them looking their best. You won’t need to worry about sanding or painting while they are fade-resistant too, ensuring they retain their colour. Furthermore, they are quicker to install, helping you to save twice as much time when compared to wooden architraves. This is because they are easy to fit and trim. With reduced maintenance and care as well as excellent durability, you won’t need to worry about replacing your architraves for many years.